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10 nights, Breakfast included

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  • 1st Day Departure to Kutaisi / Dinner/ Kutaisi, Promote Cave, Bagrati; Drive to Grigoleti / Departure to Guest House of Grigoleti
  • 2 st Day 8:00 Breakfast / Green Cape/ Botanical Garden/ Batumi City tour Free time/City tour in night Batumi Departure to Guest House of Grigoleti
  • 3st Day 8:00 Breakfast / Mtirala National Park/lunch boks/ Departure to Guest House of Grigoleti
  • 4st Day 8:00 Breakfast at the hotel/ Free time Fishing and Swimming / Check in at the Guest House of Grigoleti
  • 5st Day Breakfast / Kackhi's monastery/Dinner near Botjomi/Borjomi/Serafime sarovel Church Departure to apartments in Tbilisi
  • 6st Day Breakfast / National Museum/ City tour in Old Tbilisi / Dinner/ Narikala fortress /Mtatsminda Pantheon and Park/ free time/ Departure to apartments in Tbilisi
  • 7st Day Breakfast / Ufliscikhe/ Old Capital city Mckheta/Church/ Svetickhoveli/ Jvari's monastery/ Departure to apartments in Tbilisi
  • 8st Day Breakfast / region of kakheti / Signagi/ Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino/Water of dreams/ Dinner/ David Gareji / Departure to apartments in Tbilisi
  • 9st Day Breakfast / region of kakheti /Cinandali museum/ Alaverdi Church/ Dinner/ winery / Nekresi temple/ Gurdjaani"kvelatsminda"
  • 10st Day Breakfast / Ananuri fortress / Kazbegi/ Dariali gorge / Dinner/ Gergeti Trinity , church XIV C
  • 11st Day Breakfast / free Time in Tbilisi/ visit souvenir shops /Gala dinner/ Trinity cathedral
  • 12st Day Transfer Kutaisi to the airport
  • Flights from Your Country with Each Other Airways

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    Your Country Tbilisi or Kutaisi, Georgia Month ,D ate, 2013     Included
    Tbilisi, Georgia Your Country Month , Date + 10,, 2013     Included

    Guest House Overview:

    Bedrooms in Tbilisi and Grigoleti


    • Other Service:Internet Wi-Fi. TV (Tbilisi)

    Available Atractions

    In Tbilisi Georgian Dance

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    Georgian dance (Georgian: ქართული ცეკვა) is a celebration of life and of Georgia’s rich and diverse culture. Each dance portrays the characteristics of the region in which it originated

    In Tbilisi Georgian Songs

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    Georgian folk song is one of the objects of pride for the Georgians. It can be considered as Georgia’s most important contribution in the world culture.

    Folk song is still very popular among the Georgians – on stage and in the studio as well as in everyday life, at the feast, when traveling, during labor process, at various celebrations and even when mourning.

    Georgian song is primarily distinguished for its multi-part nature. Even within one song, one form of polyphony is alternated by another one, but Georgian song always maintains high level of organization.

    Georgian folk song is mostly three-part. The two top voices are sung by one soloist each and the bottom voice is always sung by several singers.

    In Georgia instrumental music mainly accompanies folk song, though there are examples of virtuoso performance on traditional instruments: chonguri- four-stringed lute, gudastviri - a bagpipe with two pipes, salamuri- flute., etc.

    Many foreigners are interested in Georgian folk song alongside Georgian performers.

    In Kakheti Georgian Traditions

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    A Supra (Georgian: სუფრა) is a traditional Georgian feast and an important part of Georgian culture. A festive supra, for a special celebration is called a Keipi (ქეიფი).

    During a Georgian supra, the role of the “tamada” or toastmaster, is an important and honored tradition. The tamada is expected to keep the festivities moving along with toasts and songs and ensure that the wine keeps flowing!

    In Grigoleti Fishing

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    Fishing is one of the most popular wildlife related activities in Georgia. Fish species include largemouth bass, bream, crappie, catfish, striped bass and hybrid bass. Numerous recreation areas, fishing piers, and bank fishing areas provide ample fishing opportunities. Fisheries habitat improvements include the maintenance of fish attractors and felling trees into water along the shoreline. 


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